Arachnoides aristata “Variegata”


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(1 liter pot)

East Indian holly fern
Height 40-50cm
Native to East India
A evergreen fern with a green frond with a distinct lime green/yellow mid rift, they require part shade and damp shade, though it is classed as being hardy they may require some additional winter protection in cold areas with the help of a heavy mulch to protect the roots. They are ideal for borders, containers and as a house plant.

As interesting as they look they are especially when young susceptible to slug and snail damage, so to help prevent this and to help the plant get off to the best chance possible we recommend using a form of organic or natural slug control and there are certain properties within liquid seaweed that they are not fond of so when giving your ferns a feed if you drench the foliage with the seaweed this will deter them from attacking those young fresh fronds.

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Evergreen / Deciduous

Soil Moisture

Sun Exposure

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