Dicksonia antarctica


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Australian Tree Fern
They are an impressive evergreen tree fern, are thought to be one of the oldest plants in the world, and can make a true architectural statement in the garden, however they are very slow growing at only approx 30cm/year, their natural habit is to grow under tree canopies so therefore they require shade at all times, likewise the crown must be kept moist at all times and the roots don’t like drying out, to add to that they are not truly winter hardy in the UK so you will have to be prepared to give them some winter protection during the worst of the winter, they are ideal in containers which means you can also move them to shelter in the winter or alternately plunge them in the ground in their pots so achieving a natural look and then lift them out in the winter.*

*Sold as a 2 Litre plant



Additional information

Evergreen / Deciduous


Soil Moisture

Wet, Moist

Sun Exposure

Partial Shade, Full shade