Ferns are a versatile group of plants with one of their beauties being there ability to not only grow in and with other plants in the garden often complementing them as well as providing structure and contrast but their ability to enjoy and thrive in conditions disliked by many flowering plants. Modern ferns have descended from some of the oldest plants in earths living history, within the group they have varieties that can cope with all types of extremes from desert to bog, from full sun to heavy shade, sea level to mountain tops and sheltered walls and crevices, though most we will see and grow in the UK will fit into the damp shade category.

Even within the ferns that can be grown in this country there are those that can make beautiful architectural statements in their own right standing 1.5-2 meters that can dominate or make a feature within a garden or landscape area, and those that range upwards from a few inches that would suit rockeries, walls, containers, hanging baskets and living roofs.

Most ferns are easily grown given the right conditions and once established they generally take little care and attention and don\’t suffer much from pest and diseases.